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The Breaking of Trust

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She danced and twirled around him liking and hating the dance at the same time. It wasn’t an everyday occurrence, but an occurrence that happened enough to create shame, guilt, emotions that were not hers to own. She tried speaking to others. To talk about the pain ripping at her soul. She tried to yell, to cry in desperation with gleaming razors and blood-soaked palms. But others turned away. Told her it was a lie, too much to bear, to keep it hidden in darkness. So, it turned into a whisper that floats on the wind of her soul.

5 thoughts on “The Breaking of Trust

  1. Whispers that weigh on many of us, topics not spoken enough of. I agree with Michael, your symbolism and elusive writing style allows readers to fall into the story, to make our own assumptions and craft our own imagery along with your words. You give us just enough to entice our minds to fill in the rest and feel fully connected with your protagonist. Beautiful piece, powerful writing.


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